Tailored Mobile Solutions offers data processing center (CPD) systems that are based on:

  • Colocation Services - that consists in sharing our CPD surface with customers, who can than use it for their computer installation software, we also provide adequate network infrastructure to enable the use of the system.
  • Hosting Services - for customers that do not have their own equipment and technological facilities we provide facilities, infrastructure and the high-performance equipment; the customer can use separate server with the operating system and corresponding operational software and network infrastructure or separate server on CPD surface.


Tailored Mobile Solutions offers systems (central and mobile applications) without the need to invest in hardware infrastructure and human resources necessary for the ongoing maintenance of the application.TMS offers to:

  • provide hardware infrastructure
  • provide communication infrastructure
  • administers a system platform ensuring that the client will not have to be involved in maintenance of infrastructure and software
  • provide technical support
  • support central device and diagnose mobile devices, ensuring necessary continuity of work of sales representatives
  • to train sales representatives at the implementation stage.


Tailored Mobile Solutions offers, among others, assistance in the implementation of information systems that support all aspects of economic activity, in particular the services provided directly to the customer in his/her workplace.TMS specializes in ICT systems using ultra-mobile handheld devices like PDA and mobile phone.Counselling services are associated with the selection of information systems and their integration based on the individual needs of the company, its organization and problems with efficiency.Our counselling service makes sure that when buying and implementing our systems it will bring expected benefits, and the accompanying process of organizational change will match the technologies offered by the system, so it will be properly used.


Tailored Mobile Solutions guarantees the highest level of counselling service to optimize sales processes conducted by a network of sales representatives.These services are provided in the process of adaptation and implementation of TMS systems, but other trainings and advisory services are also available separately to ordered.


Tailored Mobile Solutions offers consulting and training services with regard to our systems.Training covers not only how to apply our systems in the activities of a particular company, but also the business issues connected with services provided directly to the customer in his/her workplace Our professional training services allow you to:

  • effective use of mobile technology in marketing, service and sales, to increase sales
  • improve customer service
  • reduce the cost of building long-term customer relationships using m-marketing
  • negotiate with the mobile service provider
  • use of mobile applications with access to a central database
  • manage sales team
  • manage the work of distributed technicians and supply logistics
  • manage the team developing sales strategy, sales planning for different regions
  • development of the sales or service network
  • planning and coordination of marketing campaign
  • motivate and control employees
  • sales promotion methods
  • effective communication with customers
  • improve the effectiveness of sales techniques


TMS offers consulting and training services with regard to proper operation of the acquired applications and their efficient and effective use.The services can be used in so-called Customer Zone, in which customers can contact with TMS specialists using various channels of communication.Client can choose between variety of communication channels to get through to our specialists from any place, on any time.