TMS Insurance is designed to be used by insurance advisors selling insurance policies and other products. It supports the management of the sales process in an insurance company. The system completes central insurance data system by adding remote access to necessary data and direct reporting to the central system from anywhere via a handheld device such as PDA or smartphone. It increases the effectiveness of the management of employees working in the field allowing for better use of their potential in the implementation of sales strategies.

The system collects data about the activities carried out by distributed employees working in the field, including their location and route. On the one hand it enables managers to keep track of the progress, on the other hand allows to perform a variety of multi-dimensional analysis at a later time, such as the analysis of effectiveness of individual employees, arrears, promotions and others.

Up-to-date management of distributed sales structures contributes to the effectiveness of sales and all the related activities performed by sales representatives.