TMS Inkasso system supports the management of the processes of collecting readings, charging and collecting receivables.Its primary use is in the process of collecting data in the area, such as readings of different gauges (gas consumption meters, electricity meters, water meters, etc.) The system complements the basic settlement system with remote access to the necessary information and direct reporting to the central system, and optionally is used for debt collection.It also increases the effectiveness of the management of employees working in the field, improving the use of their potential in terms of the strategy of the company.TMS Inkasso can be used in companies involved in the distribution of media, collecting readings and collecting debt.

The system collects data on all activities carried out by distributed employees working in the field, including their location and route. On the one hand it enables managers to keep track of the progress, on the other hand allows to perform a variety of multi-dimensional analysis at a later time, such as the analysis of effectiveness of individual employees, arrears and others.